curved and conveniently tree branch sutting saw

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Product Introduction

Perfect for pruning live branches.

Unlike the straight pruning saw, its blade is not straight but a little curved and conveniently used to cut the tree without applying much force.

There are two types of curved saws such as a fold-away type and a straight type.

Meanwhile, like the straight pruning saw, it is composed of a wide variety of kinds, one of which is a multi-type saw used with telescopic pole to cut the branches in the upper part of the tree.

The length of the blade ranges from 330mm to 380mm


Saw blade

Material: High carbon steel {SK-5 (JIS)}

Hardness: HRC 50±2

Teeth pitch: 4.25mm

Tooth design: 3-sides tooth (cuts three times faster than conventional saws)

Impulse hardening on the edge of the blade (equipped with a tooth impulse hardening machine.)

Surface treatment: Hard-chrome plated

Saw blade screen printed.


$ 7.26 ~ 8 / Piece – 1000 pieces (MIN)


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